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At Coda, we believe the best way to serve our clients is through an inclusive and personalized approach. We’re not order-takers, we’re consultants. Our clients and candidates receive “white-glove” treatment; in-depth interviews that explore, evaluate and evolve into solid solutions in order for them to find the perfect match for their career or staffing needs.


We have access to a large network of professionals and industry leaders that provide unlimited opportunities for our clients. With offices in New York and Philadelphia, Coda Search's scope has grown to encompass clients and candidates on a national scale.

Simply put, we match the most talented business professionals with nationally-recognized industry leaders, specialized boutique firms and international organizations.


  • A personalized, onsite evaluation of your unique business culture.

  • A detailed strategy that reflects your current and future staffing needs.

  • A thorough vetting process to ensure candidates have the experience, education and interest in working for your organization.

  • An expansive and specialized selection of experienced professionals, from administrative personnel to seasoned CEOs and CFOs.

  • A streamlined and defined approach to hiring the right person for the job–we find the “missing piece” of the puzzle for your company.


  • A confidential and introductory meeting with an experienced staffing consultant.

  • A collaborative assessment of your ideal working environment, encompassing your interests, strengths and unique skills.

  • A personalized evaluation of your resume to serve as an effective marketing tool in your portfolio.

  • Access to a vast network of top organizations and industry leaders.

  • Interactive tools that enable you to upload your resume, view job listings and set up email alerts regarding your employment criteria.


At Coda, we understand that finding that perfect match can be overwhelming. We act as a mediator between clients and candidates, negotiating and fine-tuning the needs of an organization with the needs of an employee.

Our services are tailor-made and our primary focus is to bring talented people to talented organizations. We walk the extra mile. We build lasting relationships with our clients. You’re not a number in a database, you’re the reason for our success.

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